pallab Roy - Founder of ICT Volunteer

We see in recent years there are good number of migrants from around the World who come to Netherlands as Highly Skilled Knowledge migrant and their spouses who are also IT trained but not engaged in any regular job. Most of the time it’s a short assignment and in this short span of time they find it difficult to integrate with the Local Society as a result most of their leisure or spare time remain idle and somewhat non-productive.

ICT Volunteer, a small initiative founded by Mr. Pallab Roy in the year 2008 to help the world Community by donating some spare time and knowledge; more and more volunteers shown interest and gradually the community grew up.

In the year 2011 Drs. Vikas Kohli joined ICT Volunteer as President and given it a legal entity by registering as a non-profit organization in The Netherlands. ICT Volunteer is registered as non-profit organization in The Netherlands as "ICT Volunteer Stichting" with KvK-number 53517970.

ICT Volunteer always welcome volunteers to join and engage in good work, get extra experience and giveback something to the Society.

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