WHAT WE DO? Mission and Objective

Rapid response communication in emergency

Our initiative:

-- Rapid response in communication Aid in any unfortunate Disaster and Humanitarian event   whereby helping Agencies or NGO's in the field with all possible communication services.

-- Providing free training to individuals, agencies in communication technology and equipments who are volunteering in Disaster and Humanitarian AID.

-- Long term program like building telecommunication network and educational community centre in far remote areas where we feel people are digitally divided and apart from rest of the world.

ICT-Volunteer can also help you get free ICT support in following areas but not limited to:

-- Making customized software applications for Charity Schools, Health Units, Old Age Home, etc
-- Giving advice in choosing appropriate IT products fitting to their needs
-- Introductory Training on PMP, Microsoft Project Plan,ITIL, etc
-- Implementing Network Security, Security audit, Forensic Investigation (Cyber Security)
-- Best IT practices for data protection, Database Security
-- Training on software applications

ICT for Social Changes:

1. Education

2. Health

3. Disasters and Humanitarian Aid (Rapid Response Communications)

Our Mission is to keep offering and supporting grass root level NGOs and other non-profit organizations with innovative, quality and sustainable technologies and solutions to help them better use the Information and communications technology for Social changes.

Overall Strategic Objective:
To maximize the use of ICT globally for Social Changes in the area of Education, Health and Economy.

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