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humanity hospital KolkataRemote Medicine facility infrastructure for a non-profit Hospital (Humanity Hospital) in Kolkata, India ( Through this infrastructure this hospital will be able to provide most common and advance medical facilities to far remote villages without physical presence of any onsite Doctor. Some of these facilities involve remote ECG, stethoscope, blood pressure, common pathological investigation, etc. ICT Volunteer is engaged with this project since March 2012.

With successful implementation of this project, We aim to extend this remote medical facility to other villages within India and other developing countries.

ICT Volunteer is the philanthropic partner of Humanity Hospital ( providing IT infrastructure facilities and promoting Humanity Hospital globally for fund raising.

Satyamev Jayate (Episode 04) : Does Healthcare Need Healing?


Humanity Trust:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The correct website for the recipient of the donations from this episode of Satyamev Jayate is This hospital and trust does not have any religious denomination. Any other organisation or website to which reference is being made on any platform in the context of this episode of Satyamev Jayate IS NOT the recipient of donations from the show and has no connection with the show.

Humanity Trust started Humanity Hospital in 1996, in a small village named Hanspukur in West Bengal, with the aim of providing medical care to those with no access to it, and especially to those who could not afford it.

Today, the hospital gives free medical treatment to thousands of patients per year and has slowly been expanding its reach to remote corners of the region where there are still many who lack access to affordable medical treatment.

How Humanity Hospital came about is itself a heart-wrenching story. It began as a dream, and a steely determination on the part of Subhasini Mistry , a resident of Hanspukur, 24 Parganas (South), West Bengal. She lost her husband due to medical negligence in 1971, and brought up her children by working as a housemaid, a manual labourer and a vegetable seller for 20 years. She saved Rs. 100,000, and, with the help of community workers and neighbours, she was able to see her son Ajoy qualify as a doctor. Visualising a hospital for the underprivileged, she bought a plot of land in the interiors of Thakurpukur, where most people are in the ‘poor’ category, and opened a clinic in a hut there. Eschewing the practice of naming hospitals after individuals and organizations, she decided to name it the Humanity Hospital.

Humanity Hospital is managed by the Humanity Trust, registered under the Indian Trust Act in the year 1993, I.T. Act in the year 1994 and F.C.R. Act in the year 1995. The hospital does not receive assistance from the state or central government, and runs on donations from members of the public.
The hospital currently has 13 different departments, and offers a range of medical services from medicinal treatments to surgical cases, both Open and Laparoscopic. Of the total 35 beds in the hospital, 25 are completely free.

The Humanity Hospital’s vision is to:
* Provide free treatment to needy patients;
* Offer medical care with heart and compassion and with the true spirit of service to humanity;
* Expand to remote places to meet the crying need for adequate medical services;
* And never let anyone die just because s/he could not afford the cost of the treatment.

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