Rapid Response Team

Inviting fresh volunteers for Rapid Response Communication Team

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We are inviting fresh volunteers(students , recent university graduates or professionals) to join our “Rapid Response Communication Team”  who would take a challenging

role by providing rapid response communication support or assistance in the event of a disaster or an emergency.

Volunteers receive a modest stipend for their time in the mission while in the field or those who provide active technical support from back end.

Please send your cv to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or register online for consideration of your volunteership.


We use Satellite communication together with nano GSM model to enhance simultaneous usage. Following is a sample model we use in emergency.

Rapid response team in emergency

Terminal Equipment: We use light weight satellite terminals which can be easily installed within minutes anywhere in the world. These light weight terminals uses inmarsat's BGAN innovation over I4 satellites. These light weight BGAN terminals can provide access to the highest bandwidth available on the BGAN network with multiple voice and data interfaces, including WLAN connectivity. With the help of this we can provide a LAN network where many computers or other AID serving terminals can be connected.

( A typical BGAN Terminal )

BGAN terminal

Together with this satellite infrastructure we add the functionality of GSM where by introducing micro GSM network within few hours. With the introduction of micro GSM network, AID providing agencies or organizations can communicate with rest of the world with their regular GSM mobile phones.

The biggest constraint in using satellite communication is the available bandwidth. At this point we are actively looking forward the next generation Global Express service from inmarsat using their I5 satellites likely to be introduced by 2013-2014. We hope that this Global Express service will break the bandwidth constraint that been faced in the satellite communication. As per inmarsat BGAN terminals using Global Express service can have speed upto 50Mbps downlink and 5Mbps as uplink.

While Rapid Response program is only in cases of emergencies and dynamic in nature. We have few other programs which is continuous and long term nature. These long term program includes building telecommunication network, educational community centre in far remote areas where we feel people are digitally divided and apart from rest of the world.

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